Quick Tips How to Change Themes on Blackberry Torch 9810

Blackberry Torch 9810 – change themes is the right option for a Blackberry user who has keen interest to get new glossy themes to change the look of the home screen. Few important tips will definitely help you to get eye-catching themes /wallpapers to beautify the miniature home screen of the blackberry torch 9810.

Know How to Change Themes on Blackberry Torch 9810

  • Locate track pad to open the home screen of Blackberry Torch 9810
  • There will be a screen display icon to opt for
  • Check the display screen to tap ‘theme’ mode
  • A number of themes/wallpapers are on display
  • Select the new themes to replace the old one
  • The option “activate” needs to be chosen to launch the new themes on the blackberry torch

The Easiest Formula to Change Themes on Blackberry Torch 9810

  • Options icon – Display – Screen Display >Theme-activate
Select Attractive Layout
Blackberry home screen should be properly decorated and reset. Interesting beautiful themes for Blackberry Torch 9810 handset can be created by you. This particular smart phone has fantastic layouts and theme décor tools to innovate the handset. Outdated or old home screen themes look dull to make the handset defunct. For this reason, change and replace the themes strategically.
New Themes to Create on Blackberry Torch 9810
  • File menu to select
  • Drag your mouse to locate the New option
  • Find the dialogue box to create new /innovative Blackberry home screen themes  
  • Name the file for theme project storing  in the archive
  • In the layout section, a drop-down list appears with handful of eye-catching themes
  • Activate the selected themes to decorate the home screen.
Basic Training for You to Create New Blackberry Home Screen Themes
  • Free tech support is an instant guide to enable rookies to reset the home screen changing the old themes. This helpline or free hands-on demonstration updates one’s knowledge how to replace the previously uploaded themes with the innovative one.
Change Themes Size on Blackberry Torch 9810
Change the size of the new themes to make the glossy home screen more attractive. However, often many themes don’t support Blackberry Torch 9810 model.  So you should have device compatible theme builder software to generate attractive themes for designing the land page/home screen of the blackberry 9810 model.
Change the Theme Layout on Blackberry 9810 Edition
  • Go to the Edit menu
  • Change the layout size
To Convert the Theme Size on Blackberry Torch 9810  
  • Tap file menu on the home screen of your Torch 9810
  • Mouse click on New
  • Create New Themes dialogue box to be visible for theme size changing
  • Do mouse click again on “create” option
  • Choose the file –import
  • Convert the theme screen size to a new one
Blackberry torch 9810 smart phone is a classic device with a compact theme décor technology to innovate the home screen. Select or create awe-inspiring themes to modify the structural design of the handset artistically.