Quick Tech Guide to Enable You to Have Free Access to Facebook Desktop on Android

Facebook is a hot entertainment spot for young navigators who have unlimited enthusiasm to visit this social media portal for dating, romance and chatting with beautiful daters.  Kindly access Facebook desktop to your android device. Certainly, you will have a fast android toolkit to open the Facebook to explore vigorously.

Free Access to Facebook Desktop Version

Unfortunately,  Facebook authority is not giving chance to people to download or launch the web version portal of this social media networking site on the  android device for nonstop fun.  However, shortcut method allows online facebook fans to run the desktop web version of this unique toolkit/portal on the android.  The full preview of the desktop format of Facebook certainly modifies the experience of people to watch videos on a large screen. Send or post messages instantly.   Facebook users have a brilliant video watching and movie sharing option as well.  Therefore, Facebook desktop version must be landed or launched on android to have unique experience.

Quick Tips for You to Upload Facebook Desktop on Android

Simple option to upload the desktop format of facebook on android is to choose Facebook URL.  Opening your smart browsing tool, choose the following www.facebook.com/home.php to activate for adding the facebook desktop format to the mobile device/android.  Don’t overlook the usage of www with the main url setting.  You will locate the full version of desktop of facebook immediately after a fast log-in.  Even you can bookmark the straight URL of facebook on android/mobile device for usage in future.

More Innovative Options to Run Web Based Facebook Desktop on Android

Mobile users should do proper investigation to find more advanced features on android phone. For instance, easy access to facebook desktop page is done through activation of Chrome browsing tool to avoid chaos. It will take you to another innovative option “request desktop site” to see the glossy large screen on your mobile device.  Going to Menu on Chrome Browser, just complete the formalities stepwise as mentioned above to have opportunity to get compact optimized desktop viewing page.
Finally, the last option is to click mouse on UA string within the browser of the mobile device to catch a glimpse of the desktop format of the facebok  on mini device. Well, certainly, few upgraded jail broken tools at 9apps repository must be useful to enable android users to get nice facebook web based portal to navigate with pleasure.  Go through sample write-ups and keep your eyes open to watch free slide shows to gather more information how to optimize the android screen to activate the desktop platform of the facebook.