How to Convert PDF File to Word Format Online by Google Drive

PDF, Portable Document Format is the type of a file format which is considered among the safest file formats. It is widely used for the purpose of sending confidential data through files. There are various options available that convert PDF file to Word format online. But, among all Google Drive is considered one among the easiest methods used for PDF conversion. It is 100% free. So, you can use it as many times you want to convert your PDF files online. Before going further, we want you to know some facts related to PDF file. So, here it is,

Why People Trust PDF More As Compared To Other Formats?

This is one among the most important to be asked that if one gets same things on other formats, the majority of individuals prefer PDF when the concern of security comes to their mind. Since there are so many trusted options available such as Microsoft office for files, then why most of the people frequently use PDFs for their documents. Security is the only answer to this question. PDFs are considered as the best pickups when it comes to sending important data in a file format. Since PDFs allows users to set a password to keep their important data safe. Thus, whenever a PDF is protected with a password, then it becomes quite impossible to open the PDF file without the password. That’s one among the main reasons why confidential information comes to PDF file formats.

Following points will better explain this. Let’s have a look!

  • PDF thoroughly scans the entire document and save it in the safest form.
  • PDF provides password protection facilities to prevent them from hacking.
  • PDF offers Zoom in/out options. So, you can easily increase and decrease the font size in accordance with your requirements.
  • Once a PDF is created, it is not possible to edit the same. Thus, this feature of PDF ensures that your documents are maintained in a safe and secure state.

Now, coming to the part “How to Convert PDF Files To Word Format For Free Using Google Drive?”

Yes, you heard it right! PDF to Word file conversion is one of the important attributes offered by Google Drive. You can easily convert your PDF files to the Word format y following a few simple steps. This online conversion process is completely free of cost. However, Google drive let you convert as many files you are willing to convert to Excel, Word, or PDFs. Want to know How? Here we are sharing some easy steps that you can use to convert your PDF to Word with the help of Google Drive. We want you to follow each step carefully to complete the process of PDF conversion.

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Step 1) In order to initiate the conversion process, first log in your Google Drive.

Step 2) Click on the New (a) option and then File Upload (b) available on the top left side of your Google Drive screen, as shown in the given image. This is done to upload your word file to the Google Drive.

Note: Here, I am uploading my word file titled as “How to Convert PDF File to Word Format Online by Google Drive” for your reference so that you can understand the process well.

Step 3) Once your word file is uploaded to the Google Drive, it will appear on the right hand side your screen, as shown in the given image.

Step 4) Now, click on the uploaded file in order to open the same. Then, click on the Open with Google Docs to see your uploaded file, as shown in the given image,

Step 5) Above step 4) will open your file in Google Docs format. From here, you first need to click on the File option (as shown (a) in the given image). Then click on the Download as option available on the drop-down list (as shown (b) in the given image). Once you click Download as option, it will display various formats to download your file, including Microsoft Word, Open Document Format, Rich Text Format, PDF document, Plain text, and Web Page.

Step 6) Now, click on PDF document to download your Word file into PDF format for free.

Here, I checked on converting a Word file to PDF format with the help of Google Drive. You can use the same process to convert your PDF files to Word format. We hope, this post will help you to get what you are looking for. I case, you are still facing ay issues during the conversion then feel free to share your issues with our team of technical experts. Our professionals are always available to provide best possible help to make your free from your issues.